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VIN: 2006911 ​


Engine number: 4MPVB78 PA



​Type: 11 light type "Brussels"

Color : Gris fumée (smoke grey)

French registration certificate ​


Price: €23,000.00

  • Rare Weathershields sunroof 

  • High quality restoration

  • 11 "light" type "Brussels"

  • Clear history

  • Many original accessories

The Citroen Traction:

A true avant-garde car, the Traction Avant, which takes its name from this feature, is the fruit of the imagination of two men: engineer André Lefèbvre and designer Flaminio Bertoni.

Many innovations were reserved by the Citroën manufacturer for this model: self-supporting all-steel aerodynamic bodywork, "floating" engine, four-wheel independent suspension by torsion bars, rack-and-pinion steering system, hydraulic brakes, etc.

Commercial success is present: 759,123 Citroën Traction Avant were built between 1934 and 1957. The qualities are numerous: driving pleasure, economy, safety, comfort, longevity, ease of maintenance, elegance and silence.

The Traction is a real revolution for its time and still lives up to its legendary reputation.

Traction made in Belgium:

We often speak of "11BL" or "11B", designations that have become acronyms in France since 1937, when all models were fitted with 5-toc brake drums. These terms will never pass in Belgium. The model, here presented for sale, is correctly designated as "11 light" of the "Brussels" type.

It was in Belgium that the first subsidiary outside France was established by André Citroën. 31,700 Traction were manufactured in the Forest factory from 1934 to 1956: cars with a reputation for being more luxurious and better finished.

The particularity of this model lies in the fact that it has the rare option of the Weathershields sunroof for which Albert D'leteren had the concession for Belgium. The price of the transformation in 1950 amounted to 6500 francs on a "light 11" and the "neat" installation required 45 to 60 hours of assembly, i.e. five to six days of immobilization. It is so easy and simple to use that it can be moved by the driver while driving.

Many specific elements are fitted to the car: "Lambert" rims with chrome cap and strapping, Willocq-Bottin brand headlights, bumper overriders with rear plate attachment in the center and lighting contained in the upper tube, tubular Pullman seats, magnificent Viraflex steering wheel from Quillery complete, with its central contactor, gear lever buttons and lighting control, Rog brand rear lights, Robri exhaust outlet, Axo front and rear wing skids as well as a cover chrome crank hole.

Presented in near perfect condition both mechanically and aesthetically, the vehicle has a clear history with three owners. A copy of its first registration certificate is also available.

2429 Belgium "11 light" were produced in 1950; this is the 578th.

This very fine example will meet the expectations of a demanding connoisseur.


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