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VIN: No. 02 C 094



Type: 11D1 / MOD 11AD1

French registration certificate

Price : 52 000,00 €

  • Rare first version PGO Speedster I

  • French papers in order

  • 21,000 km since its construction

  • 1835 cc, 80 HP DIN engine

  • Car serviced and ready to drive

The 356 speedster:

A legendary car, the 356 speedster was born out of close collaboration between Porsche and Max Hoffman, their American importer.

Speedster for Speed and Roadster, was born in 1955 with a simple idea: to create a 356 cabriolet with basic equipment and a modest price. The success was instantaneous, the car was terribly attractive, had a remarkable power to weight ratio and won over many celebrities (James Dean, Steve McQueen to name a few).

A total of 4722 original speedsters were built and the current price of these is now out of reach for many model enthusiasts.


Created in the early 80s by two Alsatian brothers, PGO for Prévost Gérard and Olivier is one of the small renowned French manufacturers. Their niches are established in the manufacture of replicas of legends. First, the AC Cobras and then the 356 Speedsters… The company will evolve thereafter with new leaders and will manufacture its own cars. An IPO in 2002, a lawsuit with Porsche in 2004, an entry of Kuwaitis in their capital, a receivership etc. many events disrupted the company, which still continues today to produce vehicles on demand and does not fail to arouse the envy of car enthusiasts.

The car presented: 

This is one of the rare and first copies made by the PGO brand. Called Speedster 1 and bearing the number 094, the vehicle was built in 2002 and comes in a gray burgundy interior configuration. With the option of the 1835 cc engine with two Weber carburettors, its 80 HP make its driving pleasure more attractive.

Front disc brakes, Koni suspension, 356 chrome rims, the vehicle has remained as it left the factory and still has all of its accessories.

21,000 km from new, its condition is remarkable. Neat polyester and bodywork, mechanics always maintained with numerous invoices present in its file. Its history is clear with three owners including one of the players of the PGO brand and its last since 2007. Its papers are French and in order (modified MINES type), its valid technical inspection and its up-to-date maintenance.

The vehicle is ready to hit the road and to delight its new owner.

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